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Selecting a Sex Crimes Attorney Can Affect How Your Case Turns Out

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If you’re accused of committing a sexual crime in Alexandria, Virginia, it’s important to have the number one Alexandria Sex Crimes Attorney in VA by your side. You need someone to guide you through the process and to give you legal counsel. A good defense strategy can ensure that your record remains clean.

Many sex crimes are felonies, meaning that they carry serious penalties. These include imprisonment and significant fines. In some cases, the consequences of a sex crime may extend to future registration on the sex offender registry, which can greatly limit your freedom. There are also collateral effects, such as the stigma that comes with being a sexual offender.

Sex crimes can range from assault and battery to rape. Rape is the most severe form of sexually related offenses. Rape is defined by the Code of Virginia as the sexual intercourse of another person against the will of the accused. Rape can be committed with or without the use of force. It can also involve intimidation or threats to initiate sex.

The penalty for a rape conviction can be a mandatory minimum of five years in prison. However, if the accused is under 18 at the time of the alleged rape, the sentence can be life in prison. Attempting to commit rape is a Class 4 felony, and the sentence can be as high as ten years in prison.

Sexual battery is similar to rape in that it can be the result of intimidation or physical abuse. If the accused commits two instances of sexual battery in less than two years, they could face a mandatory minimum sentence of one year. But aggravated sexual battery, or multiple instances of battery within a short period of time, can mean up to 20 years in prison.

A conviction of any of the Alexandria sex crimes can have a long-term impact on your future. For instance, if you’re convicted of rape or a carnal offense, you may be required to register with the sex offender registry. This can severely limit your freedom, and you might not be able to work in certain professions.

Defending against sexually-related charges is not easy. Especially since allegations of these crimes are often vague. During a sex crime trial, the prosecution will often rely on the testimony of the purported victim. While there are no guarantees, the right Alexandria Sex Crimes Attorney can reduce the penalties you will receive and ensure that your rights are protected.

Being accused of a sex crime can be a frightening experience, especially if you are unaware of the laws surrounding these offenses. An Alexandria Sex Crimes Attorney will make sure that your constitutional rights are protected, and that your legal defense is ready to go. Choosing a lawyer with experience can make the difference between a slew of criminal charges and a clean record.

Whether you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Alexandria or are facing federal charges, an Alexandria Sex Crimes Attorney will help you navigate the legal system. He or she can analyze witness statements, conduct an investigation, and create a strong defense strategy.

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